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Hiroomi Tosaka

(last update 17/11/2019)


 Hiroomi Tosaka, called "Omi" by members and his fans, is one of the two lead vocals of JSB III and entertainment group in japan. Winning through a vocalist competition, he won his role and debuted on 10th November 2010.

 Recently, he has been running a solo project under the credit CDL Entertainment (Clairs de Lune Entertainment). His solo project songs have been recorded in JSB III's album and in 2018 he released his album "Full Moon". The same year, he did a solo live concert in Japan and also in Taipei the following year (2019). In 2020, he will be releasing his second album "Who Are You?" and will be doing a live concert along with his fellow vocalist Ryuichi as part of the 2020 LDH Perfect Year special showcase.


Full Moon Music Video Clips curated from Hiroomi Tosaka Official YouTube Channel

 Through his solo project he has been trying to bring up issues about the japanese music culture. From interviews, he has been saying that he loves the sounds created by Hikaru Utada and Misia , they were very popular during the late 90s and early 00s, he feels the japanese music movement was more exciting then.Recently, he likes to listen to The Weekend, Post Malone and Kendric Lamar, in his Full Moon album,his aim was to make a more mix culture sound and bring new experience to his fans. As he feels that there is a large time lag between US and japanese trends, he wishesto reduce the time-lag through his work and make to a more exciting sound experience.

 In his new album "Who Are You?", it will include all the singles he released during 2019 including NAKED LOVE and OVERDOSE and a DVD or Blu-Ray recorded video of the live that took place in Taipei, which has been a long demand between his fans in Japan too. Recent years, he has been building his acting career starring in "Hot Road", "High & Low The Red Rain" and "Yuki no hana(Snow Flower)". Commenting on the release of "Who Are You?", Hiroomi says he wants to express how much conflict he had, having a role as a lead vocal in JSB III, a parallel solo project running, acting and also his personal life. He faced hard times, sometimes not knowing which was the real Hiroomi Tosaka himself, in his album he tries to express his journey in learinig that all of the roles he plays are a part of him. 


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