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My new challenge for 2020 coming up

 I don't know much about blogging but since I've decided to want try some new stuff as next year is 2020, a special year for many japanese people with the Tokyo Olympics coming up, I thought I might as well start. OK, blogging in 2019 seems a little slow but there's so much I'd like to share my every day thought and my love for culture that I can't fit in 140 letters or one beautiful photo, so here goes.


 It all started with this live concert I had attended last week. As I'm in my mid thirties and luckily brought up by folks that love music, I have been fortunate enough to see Rolling Stones, Sting and  Bruce Springsteen a.k.a The Boss, live. Still wows me when I look back. As I used to dance ballet and play the violin, I've seen so many plays and musicals in the Westend and that's all in my pre-teens.

 Fast forward to my teens, I'd returned from London and back in japan. Dressed up in black and goth like any stereo-typed teenager. Still enjoying Nirvana and Oasis, I came quite acquainted with japanese rock as well. I've been madly in love with B'z and One Ok Rock, both bands have toured globally especially in the US area. Now, I'm totally obsessed with this entertainment group J Soul Brothers III (know as Sandaime J Soul Brothers in japanese, I'm just going to call them JSB III). 


 What motivated me about starting this blog is that I purely as a fan would like more people to know about japan's culture and especially JSB III as I'm obsessed about them. They've taken their steps to become a more international entertainer, vocalist Hiroomi Tosaka and one of their performers ELLY aka CrazyBoy have already performed at Otaquest 2019 held in US, Hiroomi has also performed solo in Taipei. Naoki Kobayashi who is also their performer has modelling experience for Paris Fashion Week, he has just debuted globally as an actor starring in The Earthquake Bird that was released last night on Netflix. 


 Next year, JSB III will be entering their 10th year as a group. It would be my honour, if my blog posts would help you get to know them better. Ofcourse, I will be posting about other things too hope it becomes of use to somebody out there.


Please find me on Twitter and Instagram @cendres_et_lune, love to get to know you.