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Namie Amuro

 Namie Amuro, is one of the legendary pop stars in Japan, usually called "Amuro-chan" by her fans. Born in Okinawa and debuted in 1992 as one of the members of "Super Monkey". In 1995 she went solo being produced by Keisuke Komura, one of the greatest producers and influential hit makers in the 90s. Starting with a euro beat and EDM sound, she shifted to R&B being inspired by Janet Jackson since as a youngster. Over the years, she did collaborations with many artists from Japan and abroad, including Jolin Tsai (Taiwan) and AfterSchool (Korea) proving how much influence she had not only in Japan but in asia, too.

 She has been the only women vocalist in Japan, who has succeeded in selling over million CDs and dowloads through her teens, twenties, thirties and forties. One of the reasons she was so successful and received support from many women is that she was a working mum and also a single parent. Maybe hard to believe in other countries but she took her maternity leave at the height of her popularity, especially in the late 90s, this was a courageous act for a women building a successful career. From these facts, she has been influential to women all generations.

 In 2017, she announced her retirement causing a devastation among her fans then released her last album "Finally". The following year, she toured around Japan and Taipei and retired on 16th September. 


Finally By Namie Amuro