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"Movin' On" digital release out today!

 23rd March, JSB III's (Sandai-me J Soul Brothers) new single "Movin' on" was released on major music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. The song dropped on midnight followed by the release of the music video on YouTube at 4AM, getting #movinon trending immediately on Twitter and Instagram. This continued until late in the morning, showing how much their fans longed for the new release celebrating the 10th year of the group. 


 The drum n bass mixed with the two vocals (Ryuji Imaichi and Hiroomi Tosaka) gives it an energetic and speedy sound, just like driving on the highway as seen on the music video.  It's been years since a song got me so worked up that I couldn't stop dancing to it in the middle of the night.

 JSB III is famous for their iconic dance movements such Running Man from R.Y.U.S.E.I and Rat-Tat-Tat dance (Record breaking 130 million views on TikTok). In the Movin' on music video they revealed a new sequence, Drivin' dance surely to become viral like "renegade" and "toes" on major social media services.


 In Japan,  the academic year and fiscal year for many companies starts from April, making spring a very emotional season.  "Movin' on" sounds like it will become a new anthem giving courage to challenge and enjoy a new life full of hope. Also enlightning the hearts of those who listen to the song, during a global pandemic crisis. 

 As the members of JSB III have been saying,  they want to become "The King of J-POP", I feel this kind of music will become the norm, a great beginning for a start of a new decade.  I'm 100% sure that this will become an iconic sound for JSB III.


Movin' On the music video from JSB III official YouTube channel




The CD version is due to be released 8th April.

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