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"Movin' On" digital release out today!

 23rd March, JSB III's (Sandai-me J Soul Brothers) new single "Movin' on" was released on major music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. The song dropped on midnight followed by the release of the music video on YouTube at 4AM, getting #movinon trending immediately on Twitter and Instagram. This continued until late in the morning, showing how much their fans longed for the new release celebrating the 10th year of the group. 


 The drum n bass mixed with the two vocals (Ryuji Imaichi and Hiroomi Tosaka) gives it an energetic and speedy sound, just like driving on the highway as seen on the music video.  It's been years since a song got me so worked up that I couldn't stop dancing to it in the middle of the night.

 JSB III is famous for their iconic dance movements such Running Man from R.Y.U.S.E.I and Rat-Tat-Tat dance (Record breaking 130 million views on TikTok). In the Movin' on music video they revealed a new sequence, Drivin' dance surely to become viral like "renegade" and "toes" on major social media services.


 In Japan,  the academic year and fiscal year for many companies starts from April, making spring a very emotional season.  "Movin' on" sounds like it will become a new anthem giving courage to challenge and enjoy a new life full of hope. Also enlightning the hearts of those who listen to the song, during a global pandemic crisis. 

 As the members of JSB III have been saying,  they want to become "The King of J-POP", I feel this kind of music will become the norm, a great beginning for a start of a new decade.  I'm 100% sure that this will become an iconic sound for JSB III.


Movin' On the music video from JSB III official YouTube channel




The CD version is due to be released 8th April.

JUGEMテーマ:三代目 J Soul Brothers

NAKED LOVE continues it's story and it's all up to you

 I'm sure many people still remember, in 2014 COLDPLAY came up with this super cool idea with an interactive music video that has multiple endings, actually 300 endings which  (for more, Band release interactive multiple-endings music video for Ink  ). In Japan, the following year, Namie Amuro one of the legendary pop artists in Japan, released a teaser for her new album "_genic". In one of her songs that was recorded  called '10 Million Views New Edit ', she made this virtual interactive connection while her fans could tap the screen and making it look like they had changed the scene or action. 



 Anyway, as digital changes our lives it has changed the way we enjoy our entertainment and artists have been challenging with these changes, trying to use digital in a way that provides their fans an immersive experince making it feel they have a stronger connection, making the "in the moment" and "I'm participating" feeling.  I think this is a great idea, as the love and passion for the artists just becomes more genuine.


 Today, I'd like to talk about Hiroomi Tosaka's new single "OVERDOSE" (Streaming has started but to be onsale from 20th November). Hiroomi has been running his solo project these couple of years and earlier this year, he release his digital single "NAKED LOVE"  as a second part of his "Supermoon" project and it was also named chapter 1. His solo project songs are mainly based on love songs and NAKED LOVE was no different, a very sensual sound expressing intense love. The music video starred Lauren Tsai, a model, artist and actress, know for her work with Marc Jacobs and also starring in Legion. I don't know if fans were just shocked by this but I loved the way how the expressed the music in a short film.





 I guess many of his fans, including myself couldn't wait for what to happen next, I mean if it's chapter 1 there must be something to follow.  Last week on 15th November, he started streaming his new single "OVERDOSE" and the follwing day, released the music video. I don't know where he got this inspiration, whether from COLDPLAY or Namie Amuro, even Netflix but OVERDOSE is a sequel to NAKED LOVE and those who watch it, depending on what they select, the ending changes.


 OK, COLDPLAY had 300 endings which still overwhelms me but that was annimation, OVERDOSE is all dance and drama. What fascinates me most is that Hiroomi kept his fans continously engaged from his previous songs by doing great leaks on Instagram (@3jsb_hiroomi_tosaka) using stories and normal posts to hint out, he's going to do something. Usually this buzz doesn't end withing Instagram and goes spreading across Twitter as well, so his talent doesn't end as an entertainer but also a producer and marketer.


 Enough of my giff gaff, marketing point of view I guess it's great to see artitsts in japan challenging with new things as the industry really needs a boost, regarding that only recently the industry itself realised the changes in consumer behaviour and how important it is for companies to change. 


 The music video itself, seeing is worth a thousands words, so watch it let me know what you think on Twitter or Instagram @cendres_et_lune, love to get to know you.




My new challenge for 2020 coming up

 I don't know much about blogging but since I've decided to want try some new stuff as next year is 2020, a special year for many japanese people with the Tokyo Olympics coming up, I thought I might as well start. OK, blogging in 2019 seems a little slow but there's so much I'd like to share my every day thought and my love for culture that I can't fit in 140 letters or one beautiful photo, so here goes.


 It all started with this live concert I had attended last week. As I'm in my mid thirties and luckily brought up by folks that love music, I have been fortunate enough to see Rolling Stones, Sting and  Bruce Springsteen a.k.a The Boss, live. Still wows me when I look back. As I used to dance ballet and play the violin, I've seen so many plays and musicals in the Westend and that's all in my pre-teens.

 Fast forward to my teens, I'd returned from London and back in japan. Dressed up in black and goth like any stereo-typed teenager. Still enjoying Nirvana and Oasis, I came quite acquainted with japanese rock as well. I've been madly in love with B'z and One Ok Rock, both bands have toured globally especially in the US area. Now, I'm totally obsessed with this entertainment group J Soul Brothers III (know as Sandaime J Soul Brothers in japanese, I'm just going to call them JSB III). 


 What motivated me about starting this blog is that I purely as a fan would like more people to know about japan's culture and especially JSB III as I'm obsessed about them. They've taken their steps to become a more international entertainer, vocalist Hiroomi Tosaka and one of their performers ELLY aka CrazyBoy have already performed at Otaquest 2019 held in US, Hiroomi has also performed solo in Taipei. Naoki Kobayashi who is also their performer has modelling experience for Paris Fashion Week, he has just debuted globally as an actor starring in The Earthquake Bird that was released last night on Netflix. 


 Next year, JSB III will be entering their 10th year as a group. It would be my honour, if my blog posts would help you get to know them better. Ofcourse, I will be posting about other things too hope it becomes of use to somebody out there.


Please find me on Twitter and Instagram @cendres_et_lune, love to get to know you.


Namie Amuro

 Namie Amuro, is one of the legendary pop stars in Japan, usually called "Amuro-chan" by her fans. Born in Okinawa and debuted in 1992 as one of the members of "Super Monkey". In 1995 she went solo being produced by Keisuke Komura, one of the greatest producers and influential hit makers in the 90s. Starting with a euro beat and EDM sound, she shifted to R&B being inspired by Janet Jackson since as a youngster. Over the years, she did collaborations with many artists from Japan and abroad, including Jolin Tsai (Taiwan) and AfterSchool (Korea) proving how much influence she had not only in Japan but in asia, too.

 She has been the only women vocalist in Japan, who has succeeded in selling over million CDs and dowloads through her teens, twenties, thirties and forties. One of the reasons she was so successful and received support from many women is that she was a working mum and also a single parent. Maybe hard to believe in other countries but she took her maternity leave at the height of her popularity, especially in the late 90s, this was a courageous act for a women building a successful career. From these facts, she has been influential to women all generations.

 In 2017, she announced her retirement causing a devastation among her fans then released her last album "Finally". The following year, she toured around Japan and Taipei and retired on 16th September. 


Finally By Namie Amuro






Hiroomi Tosaka

(last update 17/11/2019)


 Hiroomi Tosaka, called "Omi" by members and his fans, is one of the two lead vocals of JSB III and entertainment group in japan. Winning through a vocalist competition, he won his role and debuted on 10th November 2010.

 Recently, he has been running a solo project under the credit CDL Entertainment (Clairs de Lune Entertainment). His solo project songs have been recorded in JSB III's album and in 2018 he released his album "Full Moon". The same year, he did a solo live concert in Japan and also in Taipei the following year (2019). In 2020, he will be releasing his second album "Who Are You?" and will be doing a live concert along with his fellow vocalist Ryuichi as part of the 2020 LDH Perfect Year special showcase.


Full Moon Music Video Clips curated from Hiroomi Tosaka Official YouTube Channel

 Through his solo project he has been trying to bring up issues about the japanese music culture. From interviews, he has been saying that he loves the sounds created by Hikaru Utada and Misia , they were very popular during the late 90s and early 00s, he feels the japanese music movement was more exciting then.Recently, he likes to listen to The Weekend, Post Malone and Kendric Lamar, in his Full Moon album,his aim was to make a more mix culture sound and bring new experience to his fans. As he feels that there is a large time lag between US and japanese trends, he wishesto reduce the time-lag through his work and make to a more exciting sound experience.

 In his new album "Who Are You?", it will include all the singles he released during 2019 including NAKED LOVE and OVERDOSE and a DVD or Blu-Ray recorded video of the live that took place in Taipei, which has been a long demand between his fans in Japan too. Recent years, he has been building his acting career starring in "Hot Road", "High & Low The Red Rain" and "Yuki no hana(Snow Flower)". Commenting on the release of "Who Are You?", Hiroomi says he wants to express how much conflict he had, having a role as a lead vocal in JSB III, a parallel solo project running, acting and also his personal life. He faced hard times, sometimes not knowing which was the real Hiroomi Tosaka himself, in his album he tries to express his journey in learinig that all of the roles he plays are a part of him. 


JUGEMテーマ:三代目 J Soul Brothers


The H(Ash) pedia

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